What is Git-Zen?

Git-Zen is a simple yet powerful Azure DevOps integration application for Zendesk. Git-Zen coordinates your Zendesk tickets with your Azure DevOps commits and work items. When a Zendesk ticket arrives, and code needs to be changed, you can now easily see which files needed to be changed right next to the ticket.

Git-Zen makes it easy to look at past tickets and see exactly what code changes were made to address the ticket, in case further troubleshooting is needed in the future. Git-Zen can also keep your agents separate from your developers, so that you do not need to have Zendesk licenses for your development staff; simply create a new Azure DevOps work item related to the Zendesk ticket directly from within Zendesk.

Git-Zen demo

How do I use Git-Zen?

To associate a Azure DevOps work item or commit, simply include the Zendesk ticket number in the comment of a Azure DevOps work item or commit, prefaced by "gz#". You may add more than one ticket number in the same commit (or work item) comment; both tickets will have the commit (or work item) added to it in Git-Zen.

You can even add commits from different repositories to the same ticket; this is especially useful when a solution to a ticket is spread across multiple projects, such as a when a change is required to both a database schema and a web application in order to solve an ticket.

Git-Zen demo
Git-Zen demo

How does it work?

The Git-Zen Zendesk application is notified whenever a Azure DevOps work item or commit is added that contains a "Git-Zen reference" in the comment text. Git-Zen then updates the Zendesk ticket with information about the work item or commit.

Git-Zen does not maintain any of your Zendesk or Azure DevOps data; all of the related information is contained securely within the structure of your own Zendesk and Azure DevOps accounts - which makes Git-Zen fast, reliable, and secure.

You also can use Git-Zen to create new Azure DevOps work items, and much more.

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Just include the Zendesk ticket number in the comment of a Azure DevOps work item or commit

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See a list of related work items and commits right next to the ticket


Multiple work items and commits from different repositories can be referenced by the same ticket


Use the free LITE version for tiny teams, or enjoy a FULL feature set for less than $20 a month

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Explore the documentation for more details:

Git-Zen Documentation

Git-Zen Plans:

Git-Zen Lite
For Small Teams

  • Integrates with commits
  • List Azure DevOps commits
  • 100 ticket references per month
  • Unlimited users
  • 5 items per commit list
  • Up to 10 projects

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Git-Zen Full
$19.95 per month

  • All "Lite" features, PLUS…
  • Integrates with work items
  • List related work items
  • Create work items
  • Customize viewable sections
  • Unlimited work items/commits
  • Unlimited ticket references
  • Unlimited projects
  • List editing
  • Product Support

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For Large Companies

  • All "Full" features, PLUS…
  • Dedicated server
  • Create ticket from work item
  • Integrates with releases
  • Agent training sessions
  • Multi-branding capability

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