Synchronize Simply.

Connect Zendesk to GitHub, Azure DevOps, or GitLab. Synchronize support with your development team.

Easy to use

Create a new issue directly from a Zendesk ticket, or simply include the Zendesk ticket number in the comment of a commit or issue to link it


See related issues, files, comments, and commits directly within the Zendesk ticket; comments and activity are added automatically to the ticket


Customize tags, labels, custom fields, private and public comments, attachments, and security; show what you want, hide what you don't


Your tiny team can use the free LITE version with just commits, or your entire team can enjoy a FULL feature set for a total of less than $20 a month

Git-Zen Features

What is Git-Zen?

Git‑Zen is the most popular Git and TFS integration application available for Zendesk. Git‑Zen coordinates your Zendesk tickets with your commits and work items or issues.

Issues/Work Items

Create new (or link existing) multiple issues/work items directly from within a Zendesk ticket, or link a Zendesk ticket directly from an issue/work item. Use your existing templates, and set sprints, iterations, projects, priority, labels, tags, milestones, custom fields, and more.


Git‑Zen makes it easy to look at past tickets and see exactly what code changes were made to address the ticket. Simply link a Zendesk ticket from within a commit message by including a simple reference tag - the commit (and the affected files) will be listed within the Zendesk ticket.


Automatically embed all issue comments and updates within the Zendesk ticket as public or private messages. Send public and/or private ticket comments automatically to the linked issue. See updated issue details directly within the ticket. Attachments included!


Add tags or labels to issues and tickets. Include DevOps custom field entry when creating a new work item. Set security levels so that only certain Zendesk user roles may create issues or change information. Hide unused sections.


What Our Customers Say


Git-Zen Plans

Git-Zen Lite

for tiny teams

  • Integrates with commits/checkins
  • 100 ticket references per month
  • Unlimited users
  • 5 items per file/commit list
  • Up to 10 repositories

Git-Zen Lite for GitHubZendesk Marketplace

Git-Zen Lite for AzureZendesk Marketplace

Git-Zen Lite for GitLabZendesk Marketplace

Free Trial!
Git-Zen Full

per month

(per Zendesk instance)

  • Integrates with commits/checkins
  • Integrates with issues/work items
  • Two-way comment synchronization
  • Advanced customization
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited files/commits/issues
  • Unlimited repositories/projects
  • Product Support

Git-Zen for GitHubZendesk Marketplace

Git-Zen for AzureZendesk Marketplace

Git-Zen for GitLabZendesk Marketplace

Git-Zen Yearly Discount

per year

(per Zendesk instance)

  • Two months free!
  • No credit card required at checkout
  • Convenient electronic payment options
  • Invoice sent to your purchasing dept.
  • Activate by using coupon code
    during Marketplace checkout

Git-Zen Versions


Git-Zen for GitHub will integrate with your issues and commits, as well as your projects, milestones, labels, assignees, templates, issue and ticket comments, and much more!

Install Git-Zenvia Zendesk

FREE TRIALof the Full Version

Documentationfor Git-Zen

Azure DevOps

Git-Zen for Azure DevOps integrates your work items and check-ins. Create bugs, features, or custom work items. Use area paths, iteration, priority, severity, and your own custom fields.

Install Git-Zenvia Zendesk

FREE TRIALof the Full Version

Documentationfor Git-Zen


Git-Zen for GitLab connects Zendesk with your projects. Create issues and link tickets to committed items. Synchronize comments, milestone, weight, labels, and more!

Install Git-Zenvia Zendesk

FREE TRIALof the Full Version

Documentationfor Git-Zen


Common Questions

Simply install the FREE version "Git-Zen Lite" from the Zendesk Marketplace for your source control product (GitHub, GitLab, or Azure). Select the "Free Trial" option when you first launch Git-Zen, and you will unlock all of the features of the full version for 14 days. When you are ready to install the FULL version, all of your settings will transfer automatically,
Nope! Git-Zen is only $19.95 per month for your entire Zendesk instance - period. You may have all of your Zendesk agents use Git-Zen for one low fixed monthly cost (or, an even more economical yearly option - pay for a full year in advance and get two months free!).
Yes, your data is secure. None of your Zendesk or source control data is stored within Git-Zen. Only your Git-Zen settings are maintained on our servers; your ticket and issue data stay securely within your Zendesk instance and your source control system.
At this time, Git-Zen currently only supports GitHub/GitLab/Azure Devops instances that are hosted within,, or - the main reason for which is that, for security reasons, we do not permit the service hooks that Git-Zen relies on to originate from other sources. In addition, you would need to open your system to be able to have your hosted API accessed from external sources, which would be a security risk for you as well.
Yes you can. Git-Zen allows for multiple tickets to be linked to the same issue, as well as multiple issues to be linked to the same ticket.
Absolutely. Git-Zen offers several customization options that let you add your own tags to Zendesk tickets when linked and closed; reports can easily be generated showing which tickets have been escalated, and whether they have been addressed.